Because we believe it’s important to tell the untold…

We are a small group of dedicated professionals from a range of fields, devoted to the idea that children are capable of great emotional intelligence, and of grasping serious issues when these issues are presented in child-friendly form.

We also know adults find deep emotional and intellectual satisfaction from the deceptively simple form of a picture book. A picture book can encapsulate an idea, a theme, or a grand concern within a few well-chosen words and a relatively brief sequence of illustrations. A well-crafted picture book is as succinct as a poem.

Our team is made up of writers, career publishers, academics, booksellers, artists, illustrators, journalists and corporate entrepreneurs. We publish a small selection of illustrated books each year, and distribute into the trade and into schools.

We also take our books to adults in a range of community sectors that do not traditionally consider picture books as objects of interest or wisdom.

Dirt Lane Press was founded in February 2016. We received DGR status and were registered as a cultural charity in February 2019.


Research tells us that literature, like life, leaves its mark on our minds and bodies.

The richer the literature, the more profoundly we are affected.
At Dirt Lane Press we believe quality literature contributes to individual and social health.

We promote literature in two ways:
we publish quality, hardback books for young people, and
we are committed to introducing a range of community groups to creative ideas born of literature


We know there is more to publishing than printing a book. Every book is also a social and cultural act. Our task is to bring books and people together in ongoing, creative and meaningful ways. 

At Dirt Lane Press we know there are daring dreamers in unexpected quarters of the community whose intelligence and creativity can be nurtured with literature-related programs, and for whom literature can encourage imagination and innovative rebellion in positive transformative ways.

Our targeted creative projects connect individuals to themselves and to communities.


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